Lyrical Sunday: Swallowed By The Sea

After all this time Lyrical Sunday is back. Thanks to an inspiring Slam Poetry night I convinced our dearest curator Latte Junkie to kick things off again.

This week’s theme is the image below. So if you feel like you can create something, whether it be a poem, a story, or another picture, have at it!

Swallowed By The Sea

My feet welcome the wave,

The last rush of water.

A final effort.

I embrace the calmness

Of the ocean’s

Last act.

Swallow us whole

My toes cry.

Bury us deep

In a mud pool

Of sand.

It is there I am complete.

My final resting place,

To be swallowed

By the sea.

Michael Gray

TV has always been a part of Michael’s life, but since the influx of streaming shows now he can’t stop (someone send help). He also dabbles in films and video games, and has a mean board game collection.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. He has previously written about video games for publications including Game Console, Salient, and ButtonMasher.

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