Upper Hutt’s Newest Bookshop

Writer’s Plot has expanded! Our local writing group, A Writer’s Plot (who meet at the Upper Hutt library) has branched out with the help of Cat and Caro.

Since this morning there is now a bookshop opposite the Upper Hutt train station, selling fiction written by New Zealand authors.

Cat and Caro have grand plans for the shop including book clubs, writing courses, author talks, storytelling sessions, and other events.

And guess what? Two of the books on their shelves include short stories written by me!

Check it out at www.writersplotreadersread.nz


Michael Gray

TV has always been a part of Michael’s life, but since the influx of streaming shows now he can’t stop (someone send help). He also dabbles in films and video games, and has a mean board game collection.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. He has previously written about video games for publications including Game Console, Salient, and ButtonMasher.

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