psp time

this week i won a beautiful psp auction off trademe! pretty good ay, and only for $350!

i’m experimenting with homebrew at the moment. i’ve got ScummVM working which is great. i can play LucasArts adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Sam and Max: Hit the Road. i’ve still yet to find a SNES, gameboy advance or PSOne emulator that works properly.

another thing you don’t see here is the 2GB Sony Pro Duo memory stick. You think that’s big, try squeeze a couple of PSOne iso’s onto that!

The unfortunate thing I just found out are that all the games are from america (region 4) except Loco Roco (they all run). I was looking forward to playing Wipeout Pure with my brother but the European version is incompatible with mine!

until next time…


i recently finished ico a couple of weeks ago. ico was developed by team ico, who have recently made shadow of the colossus (which i still have yet to try!). it’s a wonderful ps2 game with brilliant graphics and original ideas. The many game designers who admire ico, deemed me responsible to try it out. although the gameplay can get a bit repetitive at times, the story (although simple) is emotionally engaging and helped me play ico right to the end.

here’s a fan-made video of ico (warning: contains spoilers! Don’t watch if you are going to play ico later on)

If you’ve got a ps2, you are hereby decreed to hire out (or buy) ico