i finally have a job!! i have a contract for a position at foodstuffs in silverstream, only a short walk away from home. for those that don’t know, foodstuffs is nz’s largest grocery distributor, supplying groceries to supermarket stores such as new world, four square and pak ‘n save. woolworths and countdown are the opposition! i had an interview on monday which went on for more than two hours! i tried extremely hard to not let my major character flaw show, but he picked it up instantly. I’m now known already as the quiet guy! I’m gonna get paid pretty well, the hours aren’t too extreme, although will take up a lot of my weekend 8am – 4.30pm Sat and Sun. hopefully all goes well.


Last night I watched U2 NZ perform at the tote in Upper Hutt. A disappointing turnout, but a fantastic show nonetheless. The performers even kind of looked like U2 (apart from Adam Clayton). I wish some more people could’ve gone with me but that’s a lesson for next time…

red nose day

check out this hilarious vid! two of my heroes… Ricky Gervais & Bono.

Ricky Gervais Comic Relief 2007 Red Nose Day

of course, the real issue of poverty isn’t a laughing matter. but the actors have humorously made fun of themselves in order to raise donations and awareness for this extremely worthy cause.

is it just me, or are lower case letters looking better these days?