hackin’ it

okay, i should’ve posted this quite a while ago… cos I finally managed to get emulators and mods working on my psp!!

PlayStation One
It’s a hack of the official Sony emulator. I’m currently playing, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Final Fantasy VII. They both run excellent. Some games don’t work however like FFVIII but for the majority it’s been all good.

Super Nintendo (SNES)
Haven’t played anything much but Lemmings and Super Mario Collection. Playing the original Super Mario, two players is a blast!

Like I mentioned before. Right now I’m going through The Curse of Monkey Island (3) because I got stuck on The Secret of Monkey Island (1), even though I’ve already finished it twice before!

Gameboy Advance
haven’t actually got it on my psp, but my bro is definitely lovin’ Pokemon!

only got the demo, but it’s the same fun, speedy doom!

couldn’t get wifi working which is the only reason i wanted it.

I’ll upload some photos shortly… who knows, i might even put a short guide of where to go to get this stuff working (there are some awesome instruction guides out there).

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