so e3 was pretty rad. i didn’t go of course, coz this time its only open to the press – e3’s attempt at shrinking the huge extravaganza down. so i got connected through my internet connection. our broadband wasnt good enough for live video so i saw them after it was over.

the 3 press conferences (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) and the gamespot stage demos were definitely the most worthwhile.

killzone 2 trailer was ‘real-time’ this time around and still looked awesome

the psp got a redesign, but why not keep ceramic white? the coolest feature would have to be the video out port so you can connect your psp to any tv!

so check out all the news, pics, vids, blogs of the NEW E3 @ gamespot.com

my favs…
EDIT: i had to take the videos off because they kept on playing automatically!

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