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From this day forward, I will be centering this blog around the games industry, including important news, game reviews and more. And occasionally you will still see some pieces here and there about me. My goal is to grow a reader base so more people can learn through a kiwi’s insight into the world’s fastest growing entertainment, video games.

So the reason behind this change is that I’ve had a sudden realization. Since 12 years old I’ve wanted to be a video games programmer/designer. And I’ve just been so focused on getting that job and nothing else, that I’ve blocked out all the other billions of opportunities there are. After my first year courses in computer science, I found programming extremely boring, unsatisfying and difficult. Now why would you waste your life doing something you don’t love? I know that university costs money and I still have to pay off my student loan. But it’s better to use up one year, than many more down the track. My deep gratitude goes towards Robin Sharma and Steve Pavlina, for helping me realize this.

Now moving forward, I still love video games, don’t worry! I’ve been paying attention to game journalism for a while now, reading reviews, news, video features, podcasts etc. but I never considered doing that for myself, until now. I’ve always had a passion for writing. And what could be better for me than playing video games and writing about them! Game journalists are needed more and more, now that games are becoming entertainment of choice. My big career goal now is to get a job at a New Zealand game magazine (eg. The Game Console) or website (eg. So this blog and these reviews will be a great way to train myself up. And also to stop the Sony Bias , I will hopefully go out and get a Xbox 360 soon. Even with the PlayStation 3 at $799 now, I have to stop myself from getting one one just yet… LittleBigPlanet isn’t out until next year!

Because I’m still playing a whole lot of PlayStation 2 games I haven’t had a chance to play yet, I will be reviewing some older games to begin with. If you’ve missed out on some old games, here’s your chance to see if you should really go back for them. I will also have my own, “Michael Gray’s Game Scoring System” (name pending!).

So, Ratchet and Clank (2002) review, coming soon!

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