my scoring system

So with my Ratchet and Clank review coming soon, and more reviews on the way, I thought now would be a good time to share the scoring system I will be using.

As most gamers already know, there are a number of scoring systems already out there on the net, GameSpot and IGN being the most well known. And what those systems usually use are several ratings for each part of the game, for graphics, sound, gameplay etc. But this is no use to anyone, as games come in all sorts of different styles. For example, Singstar’s graphics do not measure up to God of War. And it does not need to, because the graphics suit the game’s purpose.

So my scoring system has a single number out of ten that will give an overview of the game’s overall quality. Remember to read the full review though, the score is just an indication.

(1) Shocking
Avoid playing this game at all costs!

(2) Awful
Don’t waste your time.

(3) Bad
This game is just not fun to play.

(4) Poor
There’s something making this game even less than mediocre.

(5) Okay
There are a number of issues with this game that prevent it from being recommended.

(6) Good
A fun game, although not spectacular.

(7) Great
An enjoyable experience.

(8) Awesome
A recommended title, it entertains well.

(9) Amazing
One of the few out there, a must-play.

(10) Perfect
This game is absolute perfection. Go buy it now!

EDIT: I am no longer going to use a scoring system to rate games due to the explanation above. Games and other media like music and film, you really just can’t put a number on them.

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