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I just recently finished watching the tv series, The Office on DVD. (the complete first series, the complete second series and the Christmas specials, 14 episodes altogether). I now see why it attracted all the attention, it deserved it. Ricky Gervais is brilliant as David Brent, and the other characters Gareth, Tim, and Dawn are excellent & actually believable also. The script was written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. It’s a comedy mockumentry with a pretend BBC crew filming the goings on in the paper company Wernham Hogg, in Slough, England. The humour is mostly embarrassment based and cringe worthy followed with long moments of silence. Although there are also smut liners, practical jokes and moments of idiocy.

The American version of The Office is airing at the moment in New Zealand on Thursdays at 10.00 TV3. It stars Steve Carrel as the boss from hell. Although there are a lot more episodes than the original, and the scripts are completely new, the characters and basic plot are retained. To me it feels over the top and unreal, for example the boss (Michael) fighting his own assistant (Dwight) and Dwight’s desk moved to the bathroom as a practial joke, where somehow the phone is still working. I would still recommend the original, UK version of The Office. It was Ricky Gervais’ rise to fame.

By the way that was not a official review! Just in case you think I’m going to be reviewing films and television shows. That would be fun, but it’s best if I stick to one thing and do that well!

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