street fighter iv

Street Fighter IV has just been announced by Capcom and is currently in development. This is happening 10 years after Street Fighter 3 was released in 1997, of course there were all those spin-off titles. Unfortunately Capcom have also said that the game is more than a year away from release. Platforms have not been determined yet, but you can probably expect some Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 treatment.

Ken and Ryu duke it out!

I haven’t really played much of the Street Fighter series, seeing as my first console was a PlayStation. I’ve been hearing a lot of controversy surrounding whether the game should be 2D or 3D. And will it top Street Fighter II, the almighty beast? And I know this was announced a couple of days ago, please bear with me though as I work towards more timely posts. Next time, you will find the best gaming news right here, game announcements, controversies, the lot!

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