welcome to the world of next-gen

By the way, misleading title, if you read on you will discover its true meaning.

So although other people have had similar problems with Halo 3 not loading maps, I now examined the disc to find a scratch on the outside, all the way around.

So I take it back to Dick Smith and the guy says that it was made by the Xbox 360 they sold to me, and that it was my fault. Just my luck, I talk to someone who actually owns the console. No replacement, no apologies. And I’m stuck with a mostly useless Halo 3 disc.

So be warned 360 owners, Microsoft advertise that the 360 can be moved vertical and horizontal. What they don’t tell you is that if a disc is in the drive, it will get scratched and bad. And don’t say, oh but its your own fault then. Because I payed money for a quality product, not one that will actually make your other purchases unusable. Look, they could have fixed all this mess with just a small piece of rubber foam!!

And so I found out the hard way, with my first game, and most popular, Halo 3. There’s nothing like wishing you payed a little extra for a PlayStation 3 huh.

By the way, you may be noticing why the page looks the way it does. I’m trying to re-vamp the page, give it its own unique look. The posts will keep coming, just hang on while I try fiddle with some technical web stuff…

3 thoughts on “welcome to the world of next-gen

  1. Hey Michael,Have you thought about contacting Microsoft directly? Go to a different DSE or ring them and explain the story to them again – maybe even slip in something there about trying to pursue a remedy under the guise of the Consumer Guarantees Act (the Xbox is not suited for it’s purpose if a manufactoring flaw means that it destroys discs designed for use on it). Ask them for the distributors details or send something through their sitehttps://support.xbox.com/eform.aspx?productKey=xbox360hw&page=support_home_options_form_byemail&ct=eformtsIn my experience, if you push enough, they’ll probably give over just to keep you happy.You should make a big deal about Dick Smith being no help at all (make a bit up about them being rude or something) and that might make them a little more sympathic.

  2. Hi Ben, thanks for your help.I have contacted Microsoft via the Xbox hotline, but they just say to take Halo 3 back to Dick Smith. There I was hoping that they would send me a replacement!So I guess I will ring another Dick Smith, and perhaps try again with the one I bought it from. I’m not the best of debaters, but I do know someone who is…Thanks again.

  3. No luck with Dick Smith, they just say it’s a Microsoft problem.Oh well, too many good games coming out to worry about halo 3. I just got The Orange Box, and it is amazing.I think I will make all my future game purchases through The Gamesman.

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