surfer girl reviews star wars, revealed??

Just recently I submitted my blog to Technorati, and was adding some blogs I like to my favourites list. While doing that I added Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars.

Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars is a new blog that has inside information for games that haven’t even been announced. Quick fame spread around gaming sites. Surfer Girl has decided to keep her identity a secret, although she has stated that she does works inside the game industry.

And I think I might know her secret identity…

The Author for this blog is named as Harry Davidson under their Blogger profile.

This name could be made up,

or it could be very real…

Some loser has hacked into Surfer Girl’s account, and added some crap to the page. Surfer Girl asked for her account back in the comments, but to no avail. This happened after my post, and now HarryDavidson has no blogs linked to the account.

So Surfer Girl got her blog back, all is right in the world. And my Harry Davidson hunch is completely wrong. Surfer Girl gave a clue to her identity with her first name starting with Cather… so it is most probably Catherine. But that doesnt really help us much does it without a last name! Oh well… back to the games I guess!

6 thoughts on “surfer girl reviews star wars, revealed??

  1. She accidentally ended a reply to my email with her real name, which starts with a C and is not Cate (but that is a close guess). That’s how I know. 😉

  2. wow, so she actually sent you her full name or something?by the way have you seen her blog recently. some loser hacker has stolen her blogger account. i wonder if google can do anything…

  3. So I guess you really ought to get outside more my friend. BTW thanx for your comment- cheersHave had some excitement- could you get your ol’man to give us a shout- I don’t have his email on my gmail accountCheers MikeGrimsstar

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