when in rome…

Okay, so this actually has nothing whatsoever to do with Rome, but I liked the idea of ‘When in Rome’ being a title.

Kiwi artists. International artists. 7 stages. January 25-28. Mystery Creek, Hamilton. This can only mean one thing. PARACHUTE ’08. As the biggest Christian music festival in the Southern hemisphere draws closer, thousands of New Zealanders are preparing themselves for a weekend of heat, tenting, loud music, lack of sleep, and awesome atmosphere.

With international bands like Switchfoot, Red, Hillsong United, Leigh Nash, Israel and New Breed, and Jonezetta, and Kiwi artists like Rapture Ruckus, Mumsdollar, and many other well-known Christian bands, who wouldn’t be excited? I know I am. I’ve got my ticket already and Parachute is the next big thing on my calendar.

This will be my third year at Parachute, but I still can’t contain the excitement. The first year I didn’t really know what to expect, so I actually ended up staying in the tent for most of the weekend. Last time, I was walking round the Village for most of the time, and was at Mainstage from about 6pm-11pm, listening to some of the best artists I’ve heard live. Next year is gonna be off the charts.

Lets just hope it doesn’t rain hard on the last night, and everyone’s tents get destroyed again.

*scuba steve*

Michael: Welcome Stephen, aka Scuba Steve, to that gamer. Stephen will post some occasional randomness to break up all my gaming posts. Good luck Scuba! 🙂

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