musically minded 1.

Okay, so this is a post about music, one of the main bases of our society. I’m not going to go into details that nobody cares about, like how it affects the psychological areas of the human make-up, or anything like that, I’m just going to talk about music. Bands I like. You get the picture.

One of my favourite all-time bands is probably Linkin Park. Although not Christian, they have such awesome songs that you can’t do anything but like them. They have come a long way since Hybrid Theory, and many argue that their Minutes to Midnight album is nowhere near as good as previous albums, as it has started to get really soft. I say it doesn’t really matter. You can’t please everyone, so let it go. At the moment, my favourite song by them is Paranoia, it has just the right amounts of everything, and is truly an awesome song.

I wonder if there are any other Linkin Park fans out there???

I will try to keep up these musically minded posts, but if you don’t see one for ages it means I’m either lazy…or dead.


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