Parachute 08:stephen’s version

Wow. That’s all I can really say about Parachute 08. Wow. It was amazing. Even though this was my third Parachute, I still did not know what to expect, but I am thrilled I ended up going.

Friday night. Red. Although we couldn’t get very close to the front of the stage at all (infact, we were completely off to the side), they were still awesome, and when they started singing Breathe into Me, the crowd just went wild. Great song.

Saturday night. Spacifix and Switchfoot. Both amazing live. Spacifix played some classics like Final Countdown and Eye of the Tiger, as well as using their own songs like Sunshine Day. And seeing that I knew most of the songs that Switchfoot played, I really enjoyed it. Great night.

Sunday night. Probably my favourite night of the weekend. Parachute Band, Hillsong United and Israel and New Breed. Aamzing worship night. Everybody was REALLY getting into it. And also, they announced a couple of the bands playing next year at Parachute 09. The David Crowder Band, and Family Force Five. I think many people really enjoyed Sunday night as it was their last night of Parachute, and everybody tried to make the most of it.

Also, I ended up being on One News. How cool is that??? (not really that cool but hey, its better than nothing lol)

I have not mentioned everything I got up to over the weekend, as there was way too much to write down in 1 post.

An awesome Parachute, and it was such a shame to have to leave…it was well worth the money.

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