burnout paradise preview

Burnout Paradise flat spins the Burnout franchise in an entirely new direction creating, a huge open world, Paradise City. Criterion Games, the developers, promised an open world to explore at your leisure and that’s exactly what they delivered.

The Online component of Burnout Paradise is absolutely seamless between offline and on. One moment you’re driving on your own, and the next racing or competing for challenges among your friends or other gamers.

The Freeburn challenges are so different to what Burnout has been before and works perfectly with the open world of Paradise City. Some involve racking up jump distance, drift metres or performing a jump in a specific location. Everyone needs to finish the challenge in order to complete the challenge. The beauty of headsets comes into play with players usually helping each other out when they are stuck.

I don’t own a Live Vision camera for the 360, but every time you score a take down on someone, their camera snaps a pic of them and adds it to your collection which is rather neat. Of course my collection is mostly made up of people with their middle finger outstretched!

If you want to hear more about Burnout Paradise, check out Criterion’s podcast, Crash FM for what goes on behind the scenes, and questions you’ve always wanted answering.


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