wii have lift off

Okay, so I have sunk to a new low by using the word Wii as a replacement for We just like the rest of the media. I promise it won’t happen again!

So, The Gamesman eventually got a new shipment of Wii’s in… and I have now finally jumped on the Wii bandwagon! And because of the delay they were nice enough to give me an EA Sports t-shirt and drink bottle, and a Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 mini soccer ball. Cool I guess…

So after the fun of unwrapping and setting up all the components, I messed around making some Mii’s and got into some Wii Sports. Okay so Wii Sports wasn’t entirely what I was expecting from the Wii. The boxing was probably the most fun to play (it involved using the nunchuck adapter). And all the reports of everyone wanting to have a go at the Wii, including grandparents sadly did not happen. In fact only my younger brother wanted to have a go. Am I too late? At least I hope this changes when I get my mitts on Super Mario Galaxy. Zack and Wiki also looks like a promising adventure title when it comes out on 21st February in NZ.

I still haven’t been able to connect to the Net to update my Wii because I get the same error every time. Not including an Ethernet port is really frustrating! So I have two out of the three next-gen consoles! I have no plans to get the PlayStation 3 for the meanwhile at least…


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  1. The tennis is very fun to me, but I really didn’t start to enjoy it till you obtain “Pro” status. then it becomes really challenging. Mario Galaxy is fun too, but I’m waiting for Smash Bros and Mario Kart Wii. Those are going to be 2 big titles for this year.

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