blu-ray wins over hd dvd

I’ve been vaguely following the whole next generation video format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD. And Toshiba the creators have finally given up and are going to stop supporting HD DVD. (Surprising enough I found this news out from the News channel on my Nintendo Wii!)

Now this has definitely shifted to Sony’s favour. With inbuilt Blu-ray player, the PlayStation 3 might actually make the comeback needed to surpass the Xbox 360. Microsoft have backed HD DVD from the start and although there is no inbuilt player, they released an external device that plays HD DVD’s. Microsoft has previously stated that they might release a Blu-ray player add-on, revealing that they already knew HD DVD was doomed to fail.

Most people don’t really care about Blu-ray at the moment because of the lack of high definition televisions in homes around the world. They are so expensive! But as the years go by and prices drop, and all future movie/television releases come out on Blu-ray, people will be more willing to purchase a high definition television and a Blu-ray player (PS3?). Bring on the BD’s!


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