salient and a fall from grace

Okay, so its not as easy I thought running a website/blog by yourself. Geekpulp seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping kiwis informed on the world of videogames. Who knows maybe one day i’ll join their ranks? You can find me there on the forums

So the announcement: I will be writing Xbox 360 game reviews for Victoria University’s Student magazine, Salient. I have to admit i’m still feeling a bit giddy from having something of mine published, even if it is only reviews. The reviews will also be published online at I will post each time there is a new Games Reviews page up. Tell your friends, and leave some comments over at Salient on my article’s. I’m not getting paid to do this at all but it is enjoyable to do, and I hope it will be something useful to add to my CV.

So I guess you’re wondering what my fall from grace is all about. Well, last night I started up the family scooter i’ve been using lately, to get to the bus for Elevate. I revved the accelerator far too much and drove at a straight angle into the curb across the road. The scooter fell on top of me, my leg got trapped underneath and I couldn’t lift the scooter off me. Luckily a passerby came to help and lifted from the handle bars so I could climb out from underneath. If that guy wasn’t there I don’t know how long I could’ve held the scooter up from crushing my leg. Thank-you stranger! Those scooters are surprisingly heavy when placed on top of you. The damage… the scooter is badly scratched on the side it hit the ground, it still seems to work fine however. I am scratched in various places on my body, worst case my right leg. Kinda hard to walk at the moment but i am still alive!

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