A new look

I know, this page does look quite unprofessional. I do appreciate good web design and I know how it can make or break a site, so a new look is coming soon hopefully. And maybe even a new name as that gamer is now in the dust?

Of course I should really be getting back to my last essay, an essay on the sound design of Joss Whedon’s film Serenity believe it or not. The film that takes place after the television show Firefly. I haven’t talked about Firefly on this blog before but all you need to know is that you need to watch it. It’s only one season so go hire it, buy it, just make sure you watch it! Tell me what you think.

On that note, I know I’m quite insignificant in the blogosphere, I’m not pretending that this site is extremely popular. But if you took the time to stop by, please leave a comment or a suggestion. Don’t forget to digg the reviews. I want to make this blog as awesome as possible for you guys.

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