Bike To Parachute – The Epilogue

So we did it! Two long hard weeks of biking to Hamilton and back again. And it’s going to be a while before I attempt something crazy like that again, that’s for sure.

The bikers: Michael Gray, Graeme Knowles, Stephen Loader, Kyle Nelson
Our support crew: Ray Cheung, Scott Connell, Teresa O’keefe

And a special thanks to everyone who donated their time, money and resources in helping us on our venture.

There were a few highlights; the downhills, epic scenery, Dene & Johanne Coghlan’s place, meeting David Farrier in a 3 News interview, meeting Petra Bagust at the World Vision campsite, and seeing Switchfoot perform live once again.

Downpoints; the uphills, sore bits, getting sworn at & chased down by a roadworker for accidentally hitting a street cone, leaving my Parachute ticket in the car, the tent leaking at Parachute, the heat (especially on The Desert road on the way back when I ran out of water!), giving up on my bike and having to dismantle it, and mediating a team conflict.

But even with the negatives it was a good way of growing and learning. I made it through in the end and found out who I really am, the distance I’m willing to go for the things I believe in (corny I know, but it’s true).

Our Twitter feed shows a short record of our journey:
And you can find some photos here.

We also made it into a few media outlets:

02/02/10 – Challenge Weekly

01/02/10 – The Waikato Times

29/01/10 – 3 News (+ video)

07/10/09 – The Upper Hutt Leader

19/03/09 – Parachute Music

Community Radio Hamilton

We’re also having a raffle this Sunday on Main Street in Upper Hutt. Feel free to stop by, tickets are $4 and all proceeds go to the health centre being built with help from World Vision.

Please check out our website at, we’re still accepting donations. Do your part for Tubehoneza, Rwanda!

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