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I’ve been writing nearly every day for 26 days, and have written a total of 20,810 words. But the thing is, no one will ever see this. I’ve been using the site 750words.com to record my thoughts and just spill stuff out into words. All without worrying about spelling and grammar, or being bogged down by any of those tiny details.

In reality you could use just three sheets of paper, but 750 Words keeps you coming back with something called streaks. I know it’s just another of those Xbox Achievement gimmicks, but having this system in place actually helps me take time out every day to write.

Right now I’m in my 11 day streak. I failed the writer’s challenge this month, which celebrates users who write every day in a given month, without skipping a beat. There’s also some colourful graphs and stats to view, so you can see how often you use the word um, your level of swearing, even guessing what emotion you’re in and comparing it with the rest of the world.


The purpose of me doing this is not to become a better writer, it may well help a little. But really, I just want to sort out my thoughts. You can use it simply as a diary, but more than just writing about events, you really oughta delve into your reasoning behind things, maybe even figure out a few things and make concrete decisions. But really it’s up to you, those 750 words or sheets of paper are yours, write what you will.

So I recommend you give it a shot. Try writing for a week and see how it  clears your mind, and gives you more control. I try to make it the first thing I do every morning, although sometimes that’s not always possible. But I do find the time, it’s worth it.

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