Canabalt Review

You may have come across Canabalt before. It made a bit of a splash on the Internet last year. Canabalt is a little online Flash game (also available on iPhone). You control a monochrome man who’s running across monochrome roof tops, escaping God knows what, and avoiding the occasional crumbling building and robot invader.

The idea is simple; use one key to jump and avoid obstacles. But that’s where the game gets you. Getting the timing down pat is an art form. It’s insanely addictive, especially when comparing high scores amongst friends/enemies. My turns tend to last less than a minute, and in a press of a button, I’m back into it again.

Your little man speeds up over time, but when you stumble into boxes, you do slow down somewhat. And so you have to manage a sort of balance between the two. Too fast and you’re going to crash into something, too slow and you might not make the next building. The levels are randomly generated so it’s anyone’s guess what’s coming up next.

The style is minimalist and 8-bit, the music is energising. It really is a neat little thing. Try it:


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