Vigilante: Chapter 2

Note: I decided to get rid of the whole episodic format. Chapters make much more sense!

Vigilante is a little experiment of mine. I haven’t written fiction since school, so I thought I’d give it another shot. But this is different to a short story, in fact it’s more like a blog novel. Each week or so, the next chapter continues the story. Click here to see all the Vigilante chapters so far.


I had put Francis Armstrong to justice. My mind should be at ease, but it wasn’t. There was something bothering it. But what, I didn’t know. Had I left evidence at the scene…

"Mr. Evans?"

I blinked, in the front row was George Butler, model student and class suck up. "Sorry George. My mind must have wandered for a second there." A giggle rose among the rest of the class.

"Now where were we," I said. "That’s right, Sandra can you tell me the definition of hegemony?". I had picked on the loudest of the gigglers. "Well.. ummm," she stammered. "Is it something to do with politics?".
"Close, but remember that hegemony is when any group has influence over other groups," I said.
"Like the Hutts in Star Wars?" George said.
"Yes George, just like Star Wars."

The bell sounded, and immediately everyone started shoving their books into the bags. "Remember your essay is due next week. Don’t leave it to the last day!" I shouted over the noise of the bustling students.

And with that they were out the door, off to do drugs in the toilets, make out behind the gym or whatever the hell kids got up to these days.

I sat down behind my desk and grabbed my carefully prepared lunch. I sunk my teeth into a delicious chicken and mayo sandwich. A knock on the open door. I looked up. It was Ali Summers, the science teacher next door.

I sputtered, and a piece of chicken flew out of my mouth and onto the desk. "Ahem.." I coughed, wiping my mouth. "Come in Ali."

She walked towards my desk. I straightened up in my chair. God she was gorgeous; long wavy black hair, and a face so young.
"You’re not going to miss the meeting again are you?" she smiled.
"Ah of course not," I said, standing up, leaving my chicken sandwich to the side.
"Shall we?" She motioned to the door.
"Oh you mean walk to the meeting together?
"Yes Gordon, I have to make sure you don’t escape," she chuckled.
"Right," I glanced back at the sandwich, and then back at Ali. She made a worried face as if I was going to skip out on her offer.
But I had already made my decision.

We walked out of B2 and took the quickest path to the staff room.

"So how’s your little scientists?", I said trying to break the awkward silence.
"Good good, though that Billy character squirted acid at the other students again."
"You send him to the principal?"
"Gordon, it’s not his fault. His parents, the way they treat him… I can reach him, it’ll just take time."
"Some people just don’t deserve a second chance," I said.

"Anyway how’s your media mongrels?" she said, stepping over some orange peel.
"Same as always. As uninterested as monks in a strip club."
"I’m sure they care, what about George Butler?"
"Don’t get me started with him," I said.

I was actually having a conversation with Ali. It started so awkward, but here we were bitching about our students. Don’t lose it now Gordon!

"But he’s the perfect student," she said.
"Well… he always answers first, he’s always asking questions. I’d swap my George for your Billy any day."
"I guess you don’t have acid in your classroom then," she said.

We reached the staff room door. I turned the handle and held the door open. "After you," I said. She walked past me and her warm hand accidently brushed past mine. I swallowed, and followed in after her.


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