Vigilante: Chapter 3

Vigilante is a little experiment of mine. I haven’t written fiction since school, so I thought I’d give it another shot. But this is different to a short story, in fact it’s more like a novel in blog form. Each week or so, the next chapter continues the story. Click here to see all the Vigilante chapters so far.


The staff room was quite compact, all the seats were laid out in rows for the staff meeting, most of them filled with teachers. And at the front of the room was a gloomy figure, his eyes piercing straight into my soul.

Principal Barry gave us a stare. "You’re late."
"Sorry, it’s my fault," I said as Ali and I took our seats near the back.
"I should’ve guessed, it’s unlike Ms. Summers to be tardy. At least you’ve decided to join us this time Mr. Evans."

"Anyways what was I saying? Oh yes, to recap, the new water fountains will be installed in the coming weeks, please inform your students."

"So the main issue I’d like to bring up today, is vandalism. As you may have seen in the last few days, many of our classroom windows have been smashed. I’ve spoken to the police but so far they’ve neglected to help us, says we should hire security." Matthew Barry looked solemnly at the crowd before him.

"Now with the recent budget cuts, you know as well as I that we cannot afford this. But if we deduct a few hundred from each staff member’s pay, we should be able to afford a security team to check the perimeter, each night for the rest of the year."

"That’s not fair!" objected a voice from the third row. “We’re getting paid little as it is, why should we have to pay the price?" It was Sam Jeffries, short wiry little fellow, and history teacher.

"There’s not much we can do I’m afraid," said Principal Barry. "We can’t afford to keep replacing windows like this, and the risk of them stealing expensive equipment is far too high."

Ali glanced at me, with a face asking if this was all some kind of elaborate joke. I shrugged and turned back to the commander at the front of the room, his hands cusped, his eyes still solemn, telling his troops to retreat.

"Alright, enjoy the rest of your lunch break,” he said.

Everyone stood up, some headed to the staff room kitchen in an adjoining room, others leapt outside, the rest just milled about where I stood. I glanced at my watch, just ten minutes left until class started.
"Fantastic." I mumbled.
"Pardon?" I turned to face Ali, who was still standing right next to me.
"Oh sorry…" my voice trailed off in a whisper. Great one Gordon, back to your awkward self.

"Bloody vandals ay?" she said.
"Well what can you do?" I said, repeating Principal Barry. To be honest, it wasn’t high up on my priority list. I wasn’t a teacher for the money.
"So I’ll see you tomorrow Gordon?" Ali said.
"As long as these vandals don’t keep me up at night," I joked. "Cya Ali," and she walked out the door.

The next day I unlocked my classroom as I always did, stepped inside as I always did, turned on the lights as I always did, and walked to my desk with my satchel as I always did. I stepped on some glass as I al- wait a second.

I brushed the glass off my shoe and looked around. There was glass all over the floor, and the desks including mine. Every window had been broken on the left side of the classroom, facing the courtyard.

I began to leave the classroom to tell the janitor, when I noticed one of my desk drawers was left open. My heart skipped a beat. No, they wouldn’t have. I rushed to the drawer and thrust it open, it was gone.

I fell into my chair, my head in my hands. I was going to give them a pass but those little pricks had my laptop. Not only that, but all the information I had gathered over my numerous ‘exploits’. If that somehow found it’s way to the police, I was a goner.

But what could I do? Well I’ve got to do something. I reached into my satchel and produced a small torch. An eerie smile took over my face. Tonight I would catch the vandals in the act.


Thank-you for reading Vigilante so far. I like where the story is headed and I’ve got some cool things in store, I hope you stick around to enjoy it! If you have any suggestions; grammar, plot holes etc. you can tip me off anonymously at

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