For the last 37 days I’ve been taking a photo every day at 8:36pm. I take a photo of what I’m currently doing, sometimes the people I’m with, or a photo of myself. I set an alarm and typically use my iPhone to take the photo, and then later in the evening (or the next day) upload it to Flickr, along with a caption. I could probably do with a better mobile camera, but for now that can wait.

This little project — I guess that’s the best word to describe it — came from Buster Benson, a unique Internet fellow who runs 750words.com (I’ve written about it before), and the up and coming healthmonth.com.

There’s not really any real reason for doing this. It sounded bizarre to me at first. But if you think about it, it’s actually rather neat. A unique catalogue of your time on Earth.

How often do we live each moment, waiting for the next thing? We’re always in anticipation of something. That things will get better. Someday life will be perfect. Trust me, each moment is perfect as it is.

Which is why preserving a moment in time of every day for the rest of my life isn’t a waste of time. In fact it’s the opposite; a celebration of time. It’s more than just a photo album of special occasions. It’s an album capturing even the most ordinary of moments. But as Dan Millman explains, "There are no ordinary moments".

These photos might not make much sense to you, but I clearly remember each and every moment. As for the time itself — 8:36pm — you’ll have to ask the person Buster was inspired by. So will you join Buster and I in this crazy little escapade? Take a minute out of your day to preserve a moment. It’s enjoyable, honest!

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