Review: Monday Night Combat

Genre: Third-person Shooter
Classification: M
Platform: Xbox 360

Monday Night Combat (MNC) is a class-based third-person shooter, and a mix between Team Fortress 2 and Tower Defense. Oh and ignore the title, it can also be played on Tuesdays.

In Blitz mode the action takes place in a single stadium arena. You and up to three other players (one other offline) need to defend your Moneyball against the onslaught of robots. You can destroy the waves of mechanical fiends using your weapons, melee attacks and class specialities including mines and jetpacks! There are also specific turret placements you can use to your advantage. You can level up skills or turrets during the match, but you’d better do it somewhere safe. You can still be killed when nosing around your upgrades.

Crossfire is similar to Blitz mode except it is set on four new maps for two teams of six. You need to escort your bots to the opposing team’s Moneyball to take down its shield, which leaves it open for you to attack. Yet all this makes it a much different game.

MNC runs on the Unreal Engine and looks pretty darn swell, going for the bright look of Team Fortress 2 rather than the grittiness of Gears of War. The six classes include Assault, Tank, Support, Assassin, Gunner, and Sniper. You can also purchase some custom classes to improve your traits.

Having more maps, especially for Blitz mode, would stop the game from dwindling so quickly. You appear to level up after matches but I still don’t know what it’s good for apart from unlocking some vanity tags.

MNC is a game with a strange fascination with bacon. It’s also great fun to play if you’re into online shooters. Uber Entertainment appears to be keeping its community happy too, with three DLC packs incoming, the first of which is free.

Michael Gray

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