My Goals for 2011

These aren’t New Years Resolutions. They have a tendency not to be taken seriously, something that you’d like to do at some stage… maybe… if you can be bothered.

Goals on the other hand are usually a little more serious. I’ve compiled a list of things I’d like to achieve this year in 2011. Hopefully by making it public it will give me more incentive to actually follow through on them.

I’d still like to work on learning guitar and Spanish. But teaching yourself something, especially a language, or the language of music, can be a bit tricky.

In no particular order:

  • Pass my Restricted driver’s licence test.
    So I’ve already tried at this and failed. Guess I just need to keep at it, get more practice, and eliminate those nerves.
  • Gain regular paid employment. 28/0/11 – Working at a semi-stable job through Kelly Services.
    Full/Part-time. My attempts so far have failed miserably.
  • Find a flat. 21/08/11 – Found a place in Wallaceville
    This will have to come after I achieve the above goal.
  • Arrange events for Upper Hutt during Fairtrade Fortnight
    With help from my dedicated team. 
  • Find a female companion.
  • Pay off my trip to America last year.
    And start to make payments on my student loan while I’m at it!
  • Experiment with podcasting. 14/06/11 – A kinda interview/podcast
    I don’t know if I’d be any good at it, but you don’t know until you try.
  • Write a piece for a well-read publication.
    Online or offline.
  • Write fiction. 08/09/11 – I wrote quite a few short stories.
    Maybe carry on with my Vigilante series.
  • Apply for the Graduate Diploma in Journalism. 11/11/11 — Applied but didn’t get in.
    When November rolls around again. Practice writing stories from interviewed sources in the meantime.
  • Finish Mass Effect. 17/3/11 — And Mass Effect 2 not long after.
    I’m really falling behind now — the third game is out this year!

So a few things to work on there, and less than 11 months to go… I’d appreciate any assistance or tips you can offer!

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