Vigilante Chapter 4: A Night Out

Vigilante is a little story of mine about a crime solving teacher. I write this so I can practise my fiction writing, and at the same time hopefully deliver something interesting to read. Each week or so the next chapter continues the story. Click here to see all the Vigilante chapters so far.

It had been another routine day at school. Once the mess from the vandals had been cleared away, my classes resumed as normal. No time off for Gordon. I didn’t even have a chance to see Ali that day. I returned home feeling particularly spent.

I lay there face down on my bed, breathing through my nose. I wanted to be swallowed and enveloped by the bed sheets. I waited for it to happen… but it didn’t. I groaned and picked myself up. I had to prepare. I had to do this, there was no other choice. I was at risk of being found out, my extracurricular activities on display for all to see.

Alex was working tonight. At least that meant I could prepare without having to sneak about.

I swung to the side of the bed, extending my feet to the floor below. And I stood up, free from the bed of eternal slumber. Exhaustion sweeping over me, I contemplated letting it grab me once more, but I shook it off.

I walked into the living room and to my iPod, currently hooked up to the stereo system. I selected shuffle and The Final Countdown by Europe started to fill the apartment. “Haha very funny,” I smirked and I skipped to the next track, Hey Jude by The Beatles.

I nod in approval and head for the kitchen where I pop a frozen pizza into the oven.

30 minutes had passed and I was ready. I had devoured my Hawaiian pizza, dressed up in the darkest clothing I could find, and had procured a flashlight, wooden baseball bat, and a balaclava with two freshly cut holes.

I locked up the apartment and found my car on the side of the road, parked just where I left it. I hopped in the driver’s side and chucked my gear in the back seat. “Wellington High, here I come”. I turned the ignition and my pre-owned Bentley roared into life.

I pulled up a block away from the school. I didn’t want to risk anybody noticing my car, though I’m sure all the teachers and cleaners had left by now.

I plucked up the balaclava, using both hands to squeeze it over my head. It wasn’t as loose as I remembered. I looked up in the rear vision mirror to see a rather menacing figure staring back at me. Wouldn’t Mum be proud?

I grab my torch and bat, and step out of the car. I tried holding both in one hand, but the bat slipped and fell to the ground. Looks like I didn’t think this one through. After picking it back up I held the bat in my left hand and the torch in my right.

Trudging toward the school I glanced behind me, and every other direction in search of troublesome youth. It was hard seeing out of the corner of my eyes, impossible even. I usually go the way of “the inconspicuous passer by”. This balaclava business was new to me.

I entered the rear entrance of the school. In the dark it was a lot more creepy. The light from the crescent moon lit up the pavement, but each block still covered the school in a shroud of shadow.

I had thought this far ahead, but now what? Creep around the school, walking in circles until somebody turns up? Hide somewhere? But where would they hit next? My classroom was obviously out of the question.

I knew I couldn’t stand here for too much longer. If the vandals saw me they would run for the hills and I’d never see my laptop again. One glimpse of the baseball bat would make sure of that.

There were a few shrubs here and there. I silently jogged to the one with the best view of both the rear and front entrances. I crouched behind the shrubbery, and for several hours I continued to crouch.

Nothing. The most I heard was a Morepork in a nearby tree, hooting over and over again. I felt cramp in my legs. I shuffled an inch to the left. This was ridiculous. What was I doing? Was there any reason for them to turn up tonight? Would they even risk it after stealing my laptop?

And was my laptop even worth all this trouble? Dressing up like a ninja, and giving myself leg and back injuries?

Even if they could bypass the password screen, other than the missing person’s database and the odd videogame, how would they know it was mine? Unless… unless they already knew me.

I heard shouting in the distance. “This school is our bitch!” I heard one decree. Two figures ran off towards B block. My windows were already destroyed, but what about Ali’s?

I forgot about the laptop, and jumped through the shrubbery, sprinting after the two boys who had just turned the corner.
I ran to the side of B block and peeped around the corner.

There stood one of the figures, a rather stocky kid, he wasn’t in any of my classes. But to the right of him, who should it be but George Butler. Model student and class suck up George Butler. I caught him tossing a rock right clean through Ali’s window. He grinned as the glass crashed to the floor.

I guess our George wasn’t such a teacher’s pet after all. He turned to face the other kid, but as he did, he spotted my head poking around the corner. In a terrifying balaclava to boot. His smile faded.

Thank-you for reading Vigilante. I like where the story is headed and I’ve got some cool things in store. I hope you stick around to enjoy it! If you have any suggestions; grammar, plot holes etc. you can tip me off in the comments below or anonymously at

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