My Chat With Donald Bubbins

As posted on ButtonMasher.

Last Friday I talked with Donald Bubbins from Christchurch. This is the guy behind the previously mentioned Winnitron NZ, and the upcoming Game Jam: South event in July – basically it’s like the 48 hour film competition, but instead of making films, you’re making games, and you’re all working together in one big collaborative environment. Also, at this point in time the Winnitron NZ is the only Winnitron in the entire Southern Hemisphere!

Listen to the interview at the bottom of this post or download it here.

Learn more about the Winnitron NZ and how it was created.


Download 0 Space for free on PC (talked about in the interview)

You can find more info about Game Jam: South, and register for the event below.

When: Saturday 23rd July – Sunday 24th July
Where: L3, 575 Colombo St, Christchurch, Christchurch
Cost: $5.00


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