Zen And The Art Of Gamerscore Maintenance #10 (Mriceguy)

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Let’s get straight into it shall we?

Sure thing. Wait, what are we doing again?

Games. Electronic interactive videos that supposedly bring joy to people.

Got it. So last time we spoke I said I was playing a few games. Let’s get into that. Firstly L.A. Noire, I’m slowly making my way through that. I know a few people were turned off by it, but I am still really enjoying it. Sure it’s not a great action game, but it makes a great Phoenix Wright 3D. I’ve just solved my first case as Vice cop.

Did you manage to finish anything?

Actually I did  finish God of War 3. Like I said before it looks great, plays great. It tickles the right spot for both action and platforming. If you’ve got a PS3 and you enjoy gruesomely butchering mythical beasts, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give Kratos your love.

Speaking of the PlayStation 3, I think I’ve used it far more than my Xbox 360 this year. I’ve left a whole lot of 360 games unfinished, and even though Sony dropped the ball on the whole PSN debacle, I’ve been turning to the little black box more and more this year, even going as far as getting multiplatform games on PS3. Sure my choices are usually insignificant, like Portal 2 has Steam functionality, L.A. Noire has bonus missions and comes on one disc, Dead Space 2 was cheaper. But maybe I’m just trying to find reasons to go PlayStation. Has Sony introduced brain washing firmware in its latest update, or has owning the previous two consoles just attuned me to the PlayStation brand?

Personally I think you’re over analysing. Enough with the Sony fan boy banter. Any new games?

Yes, one actually, but I’m sorry it’s another PS3 game. Like Wugga I’ve been chewing down on some inFamous 2. If you’ve played the first one —

— I am partly you, remember…

Oh yeah, duh, sometimes I forget that. This split personality thing does get a little confusing, not that I’m hating on you or anything. Anyway, if you’ve played the first one it’s very much like that except with a whole lot of new additions and improvements. It’s just so fluid to make your way around the city, and unlocking new moves is like nicotine. Review coming very soon, as soon as I finish up the story!

While we’re at it, did you get your free Sony games for when they screwed you over?

I did indeed. Thanks to the Sony Welcome Back package I played some Dead Nation. It’s okay and it looks very nice, but after playing Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light it just hasn’t really excited me in the same way. I also tried a tinsy tiny bit of Wipeout HD until I realised I sucked so much I couldn’t even win the first track. After popping in Dead Space 2 (first time in a while – think I’m having necromorph fatigue like Captain) I realised there was a bonus content option. And what do you know I have a free copy of Dead Space: Extraction! I install it and away I go. Sure I don’t have a PlayStation Move setup, but it’s still a neat experience anyway. First-person Dead Space on rails — a pretty cool concept.

So just PlayStation games huh?

Oh yeah I did play a little 0Space, suggested by our friend Donald Bubbins, it’s a great little multiplayer game with a buddy next to you. Think 2D deathmatch in low gravity, or you could just watch some gameplay. The creator says it was inspired by the book Ender’s Game, though only abstractly. I would pay good money if someone made a good version of Battle School, the zero gravity wargame in Ender’s Game. Oh shi—look at that, I just did a quick google to check if there was such a thing, and according to Wikipedia, Chair Entertainment was working on a downloadable title, but the project has since been abandoned. If anyone from Chair or Epic is reading this, heck even if it’s Orson Scott Card himself; we need this project back on the rails! Internet petitions at the ready!

Oh wait a second. I just remembered. I picked up Rock Band 3 on the Xbox 360.

Thank god you’ve got some sense still left in you.

On a whim I decided to pick it up. I’ve imported songs from both Rock Band 1 and 2, and I play occasionally, rating each song as I go, knowing that in the end it will be a good way to sort through all the songs. Killing Moon is my favourite out of the Rock Band 3 tracks — it’s also the intro track to one of my favourite films, Donnie Darko  (though its replaced by INXS in the director’s cut — there’s a tidbit for ya!). While I haven’t got the setup nightwlf’s got going, I have imported an official Rock Band MIDI device to play my brother’s full-sized keyboard. It’s cheaper than buying one of those mini keyboards only good for Rock Band, and it’s future proof!

I’ll let you get back to playing your Coles, and assorted dead games.

Thanks. Wait — you’re not going to call me a brainless shell of a human being? An undead carcass of self loathing? A dawdling pile of limbs?

Nope, you beat me to it.

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