Puzzle Dimension Review

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Puzzle Dimension is, without a doubt, a puzzle platformer. There are platforms, and by Jove, there are puzzles too.

The aim of Puzzle Dimension is to move a ball around a floating stage, and gather all of the sunflowers. Who knows why an ancient-looking ball would need to collect sunflowers? Perhaps it wants to decorate its household garden. Maybe it just really, really likes to chew on sunflower seeds. All I know for sure is that you need them. Only crumbling platforms, slippery ice, flame pits, and of course various other obstacles stand in your way. Not to mention gravity

You may remember Kula World on the original PlayStation. It’s a similar concept to this game, and for good reason. Jesper Rudberg, lead designer of Puzzle Dimension, was also co-founder of Game Design Sweden AB, the studio behind Kula World. So exact same game, except this time the ball is a ball of stone, and not a beach ball.

I kid, I kid. Puzzle Dimension makes its own path, and Kula World is simply inspiration.

Using the right analog stick you control the in-game camera, and the direction your ball will travel in. There is also a jump button for minding gaps and leaping over obstacles. While turning can take a while to get used to, most levels don’t require split second reflexes. On most platforms you can stop, rest, and plan your next move.

It’s a game about patience.

One wrong move and off the stage you go. Either that or you are burnt, or disintegrated. Someway, somehow, you’ll meet an untimely demise. Many stages are a painstaking trial and error process. You will need to replay a level quite a few times over until you’ve learned the pattern to nab every flower and safely find an exit.

The puzzles are challenging, and thankfully for a game with the word puzzle in its title, you do have to use your noggin for the most part. Though there are those few levels you can knock out in a single turn.

Closing Comments
With exactly 100 stages, and rocking an 8-bit chiptune soundtrack, you’ll be collecting flowers in style, and for quite a while too. If you like your puzzles with platforms and switches, and if travelling upside down doesn’t make you spew, I highly recommend your brain take a trip to the Puzzle Dimension.

Available on PSN for $18.90 NZD. Also available on PC and Mac.

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