Live Below The Line Participants Live On $2.25 A Day

The Live Below The Line five-day challenge officially began this week on the 22nd of August, urging participants to reduce their food budget below the international poverty line of $2.25 a day.

“They will do all of this because whilst they choose to struggle to Live Below the Line for one week, there are 1.4 billion people who have no choice other than to do it every day,” says Global Poverty Project New Zealand director, Will Watterson. “That is over 300 times the population of New Zealand living every day to live in the most abject poverty.”

Participants receive their own webpage to manage donations received online and in person. As of today, 264 participants have raised $70,247.62 for New Zealand poverty alleviation organisations.

The five supporting New Zealand organisations include Global Poverty Project, P3 Foundation, Volunteer Service Abroad, Christian World Service, and Oxfam.

Live Below The Line first started in Australia in 2010, and raised AUD$1.4 Million earlier this year.

Interested persons can donate or register online at


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  1. It’s pretty good.

    Here’s some basic stuff.

    Make all of your intros 25 words or under. Cut out all unnecessary words to make it as sharp as possible for example instead of writing “officially began this week on the 22nd of August” you could just say “began on August 22.” Or even in your intro just write “began this week” and add the specifics later in the story.

    Another example is the phrase “first started” if it started, then of course it was first, so that’s a redundant word you can remove :).

    Write in an inverted pyramid format. So most interesting stuff in the top few paragraphs, and background information near the bottom. Start with the who, what, where, why and how of your story. Think about all the questions the reader might ask. when is it? why do they do it? etc

    Your formatting is pretty good though. Punctuation inside the quote marks, numbers from 9 onwards in numerals etc.

    They will drill all of this stuff into you at journo school anyway….

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