USA’s Fall Television Lineup

While many shows are finishing up their seasons, America’s about to bump into another load of shows over the coming months. Here are the shows I recommend you watch.

Comedy Series

Community  Season 3 starting September 22nd.
NZ’s FOUR was quick to pull the show mid-way through Season 1, leaving quite a few fans angry with the network.

After the Season 2 finale it’s anyone’s guess what will happen to Pierce now. However we do know about some epic guest stars; Michael K. Williams, AKA Omar from The Wire, will be the group’s Biology professor, and fittingly (for playing Omar) a previously convicted criminal. And THE John Goodman will play alongside Dean Pelton as an epic-sounding Vice Dean.


Parks and Recreation – Season 4 starting September 22nd.
The last season of Parks and Rec (as its affectionately known) left a few good plot points for this new season; Leslie’s decision between and her love life and career. Tom and his new company. Ron Swanson’s ex-wives — the Tammy’s, and of course, Ron’s moustache.


Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 7 starting September 15th.
The gang is back for some more hilarious antics. No other show has packed in this many controversial topics, and this season is no exception. It will undoubtedly make you squirm in your seat. Mac has put on a bit of weight since last time we saw him, and Frank (Danny DeVito) will of course stir up some unwanted trouble.


The Office – Season 8 starting September 22nd.
While I am still behind on The Office front, currently sitting on Season 6, I’m hoping to catch up to see the Steve Carrel-less version and how it holds up. James Spader (Boston Legal) appears to be on the regular cast for the foreseeable future.


Chuck – Season 5 starting October 21st.
This will be the last season of Chuck, and a shorter list of episodes this time too. I think I’m ready to see Chuck come to a close. It was good fun while it lasted, but a little repetitive. Morgan’s new position of power should be fun to see, and a story arc that goes even beyond The Ring. Oh and  not to forget another geek-worthy guest star; Mark Hamill (Star Wars). No trailer as of yet.


Serial Drama

Fringe – Season 4 starting September 23rd.

Last season’s Fringe left quite the cliff hanger. Will we see a certain someone return to the screen, and in what capacity? Will the two universes settle their differences? Will Gene the cow be possessed by Leonard Nimoy?


Dexter – Season 6 starting October 2nd.

The lovable serial killer Dexter returns. It looks like a religious killer could be the focus of the season. Edward James Olmos (Blade Runner and Battlestar Galactica) also appears to be the main bad guy, which is super awesome.


Boardwalk Empire – Season 2 starting September 25th.
The first season of Boardwalk Empire had its up and downs. It wasn’t always thrilling, but I’m still interested to see how everything pans out. The worlds created in HBO’s period pieces are second to none. With characters that do good and bad things it’s a little hard to know who to root for. But we always have big-time criminals like Nucky Thompson who is fascinating to watch regardless of his actions.

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