Clown Doctors Visited Over 15,000 Kiwi Children

The Clown Doctors celebrated their second birthday in September having visited over 15,000 sick children in hospitals around New Zealand.

Clown Doctors New Zealand formed in September 2009 at Christchurch Hospital and are now employing 16 professional medical clowns.

The organisation visited 5,600 hospitalised people as a result of the Christchurch earthquake in February this year.

Dr Richard Aickin, Director of Child Health at the Auckland District Health Board, says cheerful patients are more likely to have a better outcome.
"There is a really strong link between how you feel and how your body heals and that’s regardless of what the underlying disease is.”

Rita Noetzel, The Programme Director of Clown Doctors New Zealand, says clown doctor auditions are being held in Christchurch on October 1st.

People can support and donate to the Clown Doctors at

Clown Doctors Founder & CEO, Professor Thomas Petschner,
surprising a young patient. Photographer: Ron James.

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