Fair Trade Sugar Landing In New Zealand Supermarkets

In September New Zealand owned business Natural Sugars started selling Fairtrade Certified white and raw sugar across the country.

Previously Fair Trade sugar was only available through Fair Trade goods store Trade Aid.

Fair Trade as defined by Fair Trade Australia & New Zealand “is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.”

Hamish Gordon, Managing Director of Natural Sugars, says there is a rising demand for Fair Trade.

“We have sourced high quality sugar for the increasing number of ethically minded consumers who want to know where the product they buy comes from. [When people buy Harvest Fairtrade sugar] their purchase is directly benefiting small-holder farmers in Mauritius and Costa Rica.”

Pravin Sawmy, Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand’s Business Development Officer, says they would like to see other businesses introduce Fairtrade sugar to their products.

“These new Fairtrade Certified sugar products not only open up more avenues for consumers to make the swap to Fairtrade but to the hospitality and catering industries, and companies keen to develop new Fair Trade composite products.”

“Having bulk supplies of Fairtrade Certified sugar offers scope for many new products like ice cream, biscuits and sweets,” says Pravin.

Hamish Gordon says Natural Sugars is keen to work with other businesses.

“Whether it’s an existing Fairtrade Licensee, or a new company keen to add an ethical point of difference, I’m ready to talk to them about how we can help them develop some exciting new products.”

As of writing New Zealand stores selling Harvest Sugar include Albany New World, East Ridge New World, Keri Keri New World, Stonefields New World, Mt Wellington Farro Fresh Food, Glen Innes Nosh Food Market, and Thames Pak ‘N Save.

Natural Sugars’ Harvest Fairtrade Certified Sugar.
Available in White and Raw 1KG Packs.

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