Keeping Track

Life seems to rush past us so fast we barely have time to stop and think. But more often than not it’s really us that make it feel that way. You can at any point in your day stop what you’re doing and contemplate on living in the moment. Yes I know, it’s almost a cliché now, but it’s worth saying because it works.

Meditation is one form of this. I have tried various types of beginner’s meditation, albeit rather unsuccessfully. I haven’t had the motivation to fit it into my everyday living. My guess is that Yoga and other slow exercises are another way of achieving this quiet and personal reflection.

One thing I have stuck with is my daily photo taking. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you probably would’ve seen me post up a photo with the time 8:36pm along with a description or thought. Inspired by web entrepreneur Buster Benson and a bunch of others I decided to give it a go. And although I’ve taken a hiatus from 750 Words, I’ve managed to keep going with this. If you hadn’t guessed it, the time is when I take the photo. 8.36pm. It never changes. Always that time. The  numbers don’t have any significance to me personally, it’s just a means to an end. I’ve been doing this little project for 465 days or so (give or take a few).

With most photo taking, people try to frame art in their frame, something pleasing, something thought provoking, something nice to look at. Especially with special occasions, it’s to save the memories. Well what’s wrong with preserving today’s memories? Something is only mundane if we make it so. If we make a conscientious effort to appreciate every moment we might just enjoy life that little bit more, and not just on the good days. Who cares how we got here, or why? We’re here now so let’s make the most of it.

It might seem hard to believe a single photo can do that. Well you’re right, it can’t. It’s only us and our interpretation of these snapshots of our lives. What are you doing right now? Is it something you’re passionate about? Is it fulfilling?

Someday I’d like to take up morning pages once again. But for now I have this weekly blog outlet to heave my thoughts upon. Hopefully by making it public I can get it off my chest and out of my head.

To finish up, back in May I started a list of all the media I consume. Now this is probably the opposite of living in the moment, escaping reality and such. If I had the strength I might give up media completely. The stress that comes from a pile of shame, and all the media you haven’t yet consumed is quite uncomfortable. It’s really an addiction that I can’t seem to shake. They say to fill that gap with relationships and people — being social, that’s where we have the best times of our lives. It’s not that I disagree. It’s just that I’m still in socialite training. But for now the list is a way for me to manage it, and hopefully make some meaning out of the media I choose to spend my time with.

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