Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread To New Zealand

As of the 15th of October the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York have inspired similar protests around the world including New Zealand cities Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin, New Plymouth and Invercargill.

The Auckland protests began on the 15th of October with 2000 protesters marching down Queen Street to occupy Aotea Square.

80 protesters set up tents overnight and decisions are being made regarding security, food, and sanitation during the occupation.

Occupy Auckland have issued a press release with no official spokesperson.

“We are the 99%. We believe in people and the planet before profit and we will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.”

“We are in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the growing Occupy movement worldwide.”

Yesterday 300 protesters turned up to Civic Square as part of Occupy Wellington.

The protestors stood outside the Stock Exchange chanting “Shame” just like its American counterpart.

Along with signs several protestors wore V masks from the comic book series and film V For Vendetta.

50 protesters were planning to tent overnight in Civic Square.

Inspired by the Tahrir protests in Cairo, the Occupy Wall Street protests began on September the 17th encouraging people to stand up to the corporate greed that they declare Wall Street represents.

The protestors have been arrested on multiple occasions since the group’s formation over a month ago.

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