Make An Ass Of Yourself With VidRhythm

When Harmonix released the VidRhythm iOS App over a month ago I downloaded it near instantaneously. My iPod Touch barely came out of sync before I had loaded up the app and made an ass of myself.

Harmonix is a much loved game developer well known for creating franchise hits Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central.

This is not another one of those big console games. It is in fact quite a departure for the developer. VidRhythm (not to be mistaken with Vib-Ribbon)is made by a small team within Harmonix and this is their first time in developing for the iOS platform. And neither is it a game. Using their trademark passion for music Harmonix created a neat little toy that produces music videos from sounds you record with your iPhone.

The app’s  designers were inspired by the YouTube community and their delightful split-screen music pieces. VidRhythm lets people create similar acapella videos with no skill necessary.

As you can see from the one I prepared earlier.

But you’re much better off having a look-see at the more creative & favourited user videos. If you’ve got the app, try experimenting with different sound effects. Remember you can take your iPhone pretty much anywhere — just please not the crapper!

To start with you choose one of twenty songs of various genres. Most are made by the Harmonix team but there a few royalty free tunes you may recognise; Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven and Flight of the Bumblebee by some-un-spellable-Russian-name. There is a way to import your own MIDI songs into the mix, but it’s far too complicated for me to figure out. You really need to know your way around music software.

Once you’ve chosen a song then there are the styles to choose from which determine how the video looks. I used Colorscope in my above example.

And then it’s off to the record screen where you can record 2 second clips for each instrument or vocal. These range from drums, to guitars, through to singing harmonies. You can use either of the front or rear iPhone cameras to capture footage. If you muck it up the first time (which you’re sure to do) you can immediately re-record that particular segment.

Touch the big blue button and presto!

You can watch the finished product seeing if it all pulled together. Sometimes it’s a brilliant work of art. Sometimes it’s something you wish you could erase from human memory and all existence.

Afterwards you can re-record, save it your Camera Roll or even upload it to Facebook or YouTube if you dare (don’t tell your friends about this part).

The novelty might wear out after a while, but VidRythm is innovative and interesting enough to warrant showing off to everyone you know.

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