Things You’ve Never Done But Did

Now I’m not trying to confuse you with this post’s title. I am exactly referring to things you’ve never done before, and then… doing them.

Life can get mundane if you let it. If you live each day the same as the last day before it and the day before that, it’s just no good for the psyche. I’m not suggesting radical shifts in your routine, but little additions that make you smile as you reflect upon the day’s events.

I’ve started collating a list of things I’ve never done but did. It should really remain in my head, but seeing as I am so into lists…

3/11/11 – I ate McDonald’s at work. I’ve pretty much had sandwiches ever since I first started.

4/11/11 – I punched a real estate guy in the face (rather the signboard’s that annoy me with their cheesy grins and their big suits).

5/11/11 – I bought fish and chips for the first time… ever, if I recall correctly. Parents have always bought it in the past. I’ve been flatting since August and I hadn’t once been to the local eatery.

5/11/11 – I visited the Mt. Victoria lookout for the first time. Been living in the Wellington region all my life, and never taken the time to do that. This wasn’t entirely my own plan, but I was still present!

6/11/11 – I got home and crawled in to bed at 4-something-AM. Well, really this is starting to become more habit than something new!

7/11/11 – I went for a wee ride before work.

7/11/11 – I played cards at work — during my lunch break of course. Who do you think I am?!

So really it can be anything. Just something, hopefully a little positive that you can be proud of stepping outside your comfort zone and doing.

I wrote a little short story in September about this very phenomena.

When you get that urge to do something i.e. take a different route to work, not kill someone, go ahead and do it. Don’t say you’ll do it later. Don’t make excuses. Just give it a whirl and learn from your experiences.

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