Fly Like a Bird. Sink Like a Stone.

Like is like a parabolic curve. Well if I was into maths that’s what I would say. I’ll go with good old physics on this one — what goes up must come down. I’m talking about mood swings. One day you’re high like a kite swooping about town, the next day everything is miserable, and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and die.

I think this happens because we rely too heavily on external forces. If one thing doesn’t go our way it can send us in a tail spin, hurtling us into deeper despair. The obvious solution is to seek joy and peace within yourself. But that’s easier said than done.

I haven’t mastered this yet so if you’re looking for a walkthrough this ain’t the right place. But I do have some tips.

Firstly you need to realise you are in charge of your own peace of mind. Not anyone else. If some retail salesperson is being a dick, just let it go. Get out of there and do something worthy of your time. If your friend doesn’t come into work, you don’t have to spend the whole day moping. Try to enjoy other people’s company. If you’re alone and miserable, go and find someone to spend time with. I find the smallest things send me off into a typhoon of emotions. When there’s just no need. We already have enough to be happy right here and now.

Secondly, well that’s about it. Just know that you’re in charge of how you feel. This may seem like primary school stuff here, but often (if you’re like me) it’s just too easy to forget.

If you find yourself in one of those down days do something that picks you up. Sing or dramatically lip sync to your favourite song. Ring up a friend or family member to see how they’re doing. Go for a walk. Alphabetise your DVD collection — I don’t know how you get your kicks.

In my final words of wisdom I have to impart; Don’t take life too seriously. Don’t rub your face in a cat’s furry hide if you’re allergic. And remember to love others and stuff.

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