What I’m Reading: Saga, Runaways, & Killerbyte

I used to keep an intricate record of all the media I consumed. I even entered the data into a spreadsheet and sorted it by dates and media types. In the end it all became too much and more trouble than it was worth, but I missed sharing the good news about books and the things I really enjoy. So I put together this post of a few things I’ve read lately. If you spot something up here akin to something you like, please share. I’m always ready for a new addiction!

Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Having read BKV’s Y: The Last Man (my favourite comic of all time) and Deus Ex Machina, I nearly fell from my chair when I saw our Brian was working on a brand spanking new series: something he and Fiona calls Saga. This is the first comic series I’m reading while it’s still being made. Previously I’d only read a series after it had finished production. Digital comics arrive the same day as print which is both a blessing and a curse. The curse being you have to wait a whole damn month before the next one.

So Saga: a giant space adventure. The story of a horned man (Marko), and a winged woman (Alana)? Anyway these two got together, produced offspring, and are now on the run from a bunch of folks who didn’t take too kindly to the pair eloping. The baby, Hazel, narrates the story in handwriting across some of the panels. A real blend of sci-fi and fantasy, Saga has ghosts, and men with TV’s for heads. Not to mention nudity, gore, coarse language and all that good stuff. Like Y: The Last Man, this one’s not for the kids.

Apparently the idea behind Saga has been bouncing around in BKV’s head for some time now, but becoming a father gave the story its focus for showcasing parenthood against a more exciting backdrop of spaceships and laser guns.

That feeling of wanting more BKV lead to…

Brian K. Vaughan & Adrian Alphona

Yep, another BKV production. I delved deeper into the big guy’s past and found Runaways, the Young Adult comic series he created for Marvel. My local library had each trade paperback on its shelves minus one or two on loan — quite a relief as I had already requested the rest of BKV’s work before!

Runaways often makes reference to The Avengers, even in its first few pages. As a rag-tag bunch of super heroes they do have their similarities, although teens do bring a lot more angst. Oh and speaking of The Avengers, a Runaways film is still in the works despite Marvel devoting most, if not all of its efforts at The Avengers film (which I have no quarrels with by the way).

I’m enjoying the story, its humour, and its pop culture references, but I may have missed the train regarding my age. It targets a younger audience but I’m often surprised at certain gags. Which leaves me saying “How on earth did they get away with ____”??

Cat Connor

By the author from my hometown, Killerbyte was the first e-book I purchased for my Kindle. It’s fun but a little unsettling reading an e-book for the first time. I love my Kindle now, though much like a laptop it’s a little too easy to switch books. Meaning I’m now partway through 15 or so books sitting on my digital shelves.

Killerbyte is the story of a FBI agent, Ellie Conway, and like the title implies, a focus is technology, specifically chat rooms.

As a crime thriller its gruesome crime scenes reminded me of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series. Though unlike Dexter, Ellie is purely a FBI agent (and poetry lover) and not a secret serial killer — or is she? 🙂

Nevertheless a serial killer is on the loose in Virginia and killing an unbelievably large part of Ellie’s inner circle. Teaming up with her friend Mac and the resources and talent at the FBI, here’s hoping Ellie can catch that sick son of a bitch.

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