Living Offline

Inspired by an article over on The Minimalists I am going to conduct a little experiment: to see if I can live without the Internet in my flat.

My reasoning? I want to be more productive. I want to write more. I want to create more things. I want to read more books.

But with the allure of the world at my fingertips the Internet is just too much. In the past I tried restricting myself using scheduling and timed blocks, but eventually I would give in. If I cut the cord completely I think I just might be able to… beat the Internet.

This isn’t to say I’m never going to use the Internet again. Instead my Internet time will have to be at another location; say my local library which nets me a cool 250MB a day. I’ll try and make the daily trip twice a week.

But before I make any grand announcements (too late?) I’m going to trial it for a week and see how I go before terminating my share of the Internet, and my VPN & Netflix accounts. Plus imagine the savings!

If you notice a drop in my posts on Twitter and Facebook it doesn’t mean I’m dead (though if it’s been more than a week you might want to worry!). When I have something really cool to share you guys will be the first to know.

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