Living Offline: The First Day

Greetings from Monday Mike. After I announced my experiment to drop the Internet from my flat, a few people pointed me to Mr. Paul Miller from technology site The Verge. He’s currently on a year long mission to go without the Internet in every facet of his life; no email, internet banking, cute GIFs or Starcraft matches.

In comparison my stint looks a little pathetic but for me it’s by no means easy — especially considering how much I consume in the few hours I have at home after work.

My daily Internet activities include:

  • Checking and responding to email
  • Browsing my filtered Facebook homepage & responding to notifications
  • Tweeting & scrolling my entire Twitter feed
  • Checking web comics, articles & blogs in Google Reader
  • Downloading recent TV episodes
  • Streaming the occasional Netflix TV show/film
  • Browsing & posting in ButtonMasher and Kiwi Writers forums
  • Downloading my latest podcasts
  • Reading the occasional digital comic over on Image, and Dark Horse
  • Checking my Kiwibank balance to see if I can survive the week
  • And of course endless amounts of surfing, articles, videos, Googling, and clicking links

Today I came home from work and immediately got to work on my assignment for my writer’s group; describing setting in such a way that the reader can guess where they are without you actually telling them. Usually I would open a blank document or my work-in-progress only to check my email and get sucked into more of the above activities. Today however, I completed the work quickly, printed off some cute pics of Petri, and had half an hour to read in bed (and accidentally snooze) before cooking tea.

Now after dinner came the hard part. I had a few hundred dozen goes at Spelunky only to get splattered, eaten, stabbed, and shot in mere seconds. After rage quitting I tried a few other Arcade games only to get bored and rather tired. And now here I am writing another blog post when I should really be working on my short story that I’m halfway through. I can’t complain though. Any writing’s better than no writing.

My Internet times are scheduled for every Wednesday and Saturday at the library. I plan to save articles to my Kindle for offline reading, and hope to get through everything before I get through the library’s daily limit on usage. I may have to cut down on my usual Internet antics, but it’s all in the name of having more time to actually live in the physical world, as well as boosting my writing and reading sky high.

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