Living Offline: The Library

Wednesday Mike here. I had planned it the week before; today marked my first day back online – but not at my place of residence mind you.

After working later than expected and having to pick up my drugs from the chemist I rushed home, fed the cat and scoffed a frozen dinner. Don’t worry, it was heated.

I didn’t get to the library until about ten to six. I wasn’t entirely sure of the closing time but I soon realised my error when I read the sign outside; Seven o’clock. My heart sank but I proceeded indoors anyway. I found a secluded area behind a few book shelves, and plugged in my laptop, iPod Touch, and Kindle – connected all three to the library’s Wifi and accepted the terms and conditions.

I do realise it is an unsecured network, but this experiment is more important to me than a little piece of mind. If I later complain of someone breaching my security or stealing my accounts, please refer me back to the above sentence.

I did my business which I won’t bore you here. Needless to say I didn’t get everything I wanted done, but I did manage a great deal in my blitzkrieg. It’s amazing what you can rack up in three days.

Quarter to seven I was notified by the librarian when closing time was. I left it down to the wire, leaving only several minutes before closing. I made sure to look like I was packing up before the librarian popped back up again.

It’s probably for the best I have an actual deadline for Internet usage. At home I could never impose a time limit on myself. I’m too weak willed. But times change. Now my quick-Google-Chrome-check-ins that turn into late-night-net-crawls, are a thing of the past.

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