Living Offline: The Decision

Tonight (Sunday) concludes my week-long experiment of living without the Internet. All in all it was relatively easy, especially in comparison to some of my past withdrawals. In my 2010 LSV course I went without the Internet for six weeks while being slaughtered with wall squats and  prone bridge.

I didn’t get the shakes or trembling fingers which surprised me actually, considering the extent of my addiction.

Although the experiment is over I do wish to continue this way of existence. This past week I’ve written and read more, and generally felt more relaxed. The instant gratification of notifications and messages can wait. Procrastination be damned.

All things considered there are some things I need to ‘consider’ for the future.

For my Saturday visit to the library I bought a new mouse and arrived one and a half hours before closing, but it turned out I didn’t need the extra time. I didn’t watch my usage meter and I soon went over the quota after a few YouTube videos, and podcasts that downloaded without my knowledge.

The library gave me another interesting experience as two eleven-year-old girls decided they would befriend me. I didn’t want to appear rude and felt obliged to answer their questions. This one girl would make a good detective one day. Her line of questioning ranged from the type of mobile I had, to who I lived with. Apparently she and her boisterous friend had been left at the library by their parents and were bored out of their skulls. I tried to amuse them with games on my iPod which only made things worse. Eventually the librarian came along warning the girls to shut up (in a more reserved manner of course). I soon made my leave thereafter.

One of my main concerns for this project continuing into the future is digital downloads. Sure iTunes music files are small enough to download at the library and my thirst for television and movies can be quenched by old fashioned discs, but Steam and Xbox Live Arcade games are another thing entirely. That one is up in the air at this point.

With all the money saved from cutting down on Internet and its services I have considered investing in a smart phone for emails and the like. No heavy browsing, just the bare necessities. Who knows — with all this time and money up my sleeve I might even join the gym. Yep, times are a-changin’ for sure.

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