Poem: Prickly Issues

As part of Latte Junkie’s Lyrical Sunday.


There are some things that get me prickly,
That make my hairs stand on end,
Things we do to people and our world,
Setting an unpleasant trend.

Telling stories out of earshot,
Where victims cannot be heard,
Harsh whispers and pointing fingers,
Postulating makes lines blurred.

Hatred towards others because they,
Are born different or choose to be,
People are afraid to be themselves,
Identity is no longer free.

Abusing the beautiful creatures,
That share the ground beneath our feet,
Needless neglect and stupid cruelty,
They are more than just bones and meat.

There are many things that get me prickly,
I am sure you will understand,
Together we can make a difference,
And pull the prickles from our hand.



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