November – My Goals So Far

I missed a month but I’m back with another update. Ten months have passed since I first set my goals for the year. These are the ones remaining…

  • Go on a date.
    Whatever the type — Classic, Blind, Online, Speed… But I have to try, even if it is the scariest thing on this damn list.

It appears there’s not much I can do without jumping in the deep end. Right now I’m sitting at the water’s edge with my feet dangling over, but not a toe is touching water.

  • Remove all clutter.
    I started this last year but my progress dropped off a bit. Well, completely. To embrace living with less stuff, especially when most of it is just clutter, I want to make digital copies of things I can’t bear to part with, and force myself to chuck or donate the rest.

I managed to sell a frackload of stuff on Trade Me — mostly games and DVDs, and even my old SLR camera from 7th form Photography. But my balcony is still littered with old PC videogame boxes and school books. I need to remind myself that my possessions don’t contain my memories!

  • Write a novel.
    Encouraged by Stephen King’s book On Writing, I’m actually rather excited to spend my time creating a world over many, many, many pages. My first draft will likely take me a good few months, and I will learn first hand whether or not I have what it takes to write full-length fiction.

I did it and surprised myself in the process. I still have a lot of editing to do, but I wrote a first draft containing a whopping 75,000 words (well, that’s a lot for me anyway!). We’ll see where we end up when the editing’s over with.

  • Write a film screenplay.
    Towards the end of 2011 I found myself falling into screenwriting. Like the novel, but of course not like the novel at all, it will push my skills to the very limits. And here’s to it being something other than your standard Hollywood fluff.

I told myself I was going to attempt this as a sort of NaNoWriMo challenge, but I left planning to the last minute, and so of course I lost momentum on day one. The screenwriting book I read last December has since faded from memory, and at this stage I’ll be happy with getting a single 45 minute episode of television done.

  • Publish a short stories collection.
    Hopefully with some more stories too by this stage, I will try my hand, and maybe even a foot, at digital publishing.

I created a new Word document, but once I started adding the short stories I had already done, I felt reluctant to continue. The stories felt raw… messy. To me, publishing something means crafting something to perfection, rather than just another haphazard blog post. 

  • Flat with a friend.
    Thanks to last year’s goal I’ve moved out of home and I’m now flatting. But it’s a little lonely and I could do with a good friend or two to play Rock Band & Battleship.

Still waiting for some opportunity to turn up. It’s stupid, I know it is. Life doesn’t come to your door. But now I’m thinking about taking action — “thinking”? Pah, there I go again!

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