Dashing Warriors

In two weeks I will be running for my life, vaulting over fences and crawling under barbed wire. No I haven’t joined the army but it’s pretty damn close. Not this Saturday but the Saturday after, my two mates Ray and Scott and I are running 5K’s worth of obstacles in the annual Warrior Dash. These rugged, manly type events are somewhat new to me. I’ve barely waded in mud let alone swum in it! I’ve done the odd endurance cycling and walking but nothing at this pace.

My training regiment has largely consisted of the Zombies, Run! 5K Training app on my iPhone; a (usually) daily walk/run before the sun hits the sky. I like to change up the routes and have even bumped into the town mayor a few times on my travels.

Although I’ve seen the pics and the videos I don’t think any of that is going to compare to doing it for real. And it’s coming very, very soon… Upon my victory I promise to upload a picture of me and my viking hat. I may also very well be caked from head to toe in mud, and hopefully still able to walk…

We (Bravo Team) are raising money for the New Zealand Red Cross. If you feel that way inclined you can support our team and donate by clicking on the logo below. We’d really appreciate it and we will send virtual fist bumps your way.

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