Things I Want To Try in 2013 — MARCH UPDATE

In January I first initiated the challenge to try some new things this year. It’s essentially a to-do list but in my own kooky way — doing away with the whole annual goals and new years resolutions deal. This is something more organic. It’s been a wild few months and already my life has undergone some amazing transitions. Interested in hearing more? Read on. Otherwise why else did you click on the link you silly goose! Go check out Harlem Shake on YouTube or something…

These are things I have accomplished:

Sign up to a physical sport. Hockey? Indoor Soccer? Turbo Touch?
It’s all well and good to exercise alone, but why do that when you can get in shape together? Plus it doesn’t hurt to play a real game once in a while with real people, and get down and dirty.

I signed up to field hockey this year! I’ve paid my registration fee and I’m now a member of the Upper Hutt Hockey Club. I’m only playing as a casual member this year as I am brand new to hockey and want to get a proper feel for it before I dive into the deep end. I’m still getting to grips with dribbling and tackling, and well, pretty much everything. And boy does your back take a pounding! But that must be half me needing to get the posture right.

Have a relationship.
Of course this involves the taking of initiative and the dating, but from this year I have learned it really isn’t that scary. Fear is all in the mind. And the more I do it the easier and more natural it will become. I can’t be afraid to look stupid, or I’ll never get anywhere.

So this one’s a biggie. I went out on a first date in February, and things went on from there and continue to do so. I won’t name the lady here — a few of you know who she is, you may have even met her. She is an amazing woman and I’m looking forward to learning more about her and just spending more time with her. So if I’ve gone off the radar for a bit, that’s the reason why! This is my first time in a relationship (I’m a late bloomer) and things are scary and exciting and new, and this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long, long time.

Take on a leadership role.
The Fair Trade Upper Hutt thing is hard because I don’t have real leadership skills. I want to take on a proven role and learn from the best, so I’m training to become a Duty Officer for the Upper Hutt Animal Rescue in 2013. This involves assigning duties, learning names, interfacing with visitors, and putting in a lot more work, as well as learning to be on time.

So I’m an official Duty Officer at the Upper Hutt Animal Rescue. I have my own keys and everything! I have done it a few times now (between the normal Rabbit duties) and it is quite taxing. So much rushing around! But I love it and the responsibility of being in charge (even if things go wrong). And now I know how it feels when three people call in sick on the same day! I am learning loads and looking to help out the organisation further in any way I can.

Mini goals.
These are small things that I can do anytime. I just need the motivation!
– Drive to Wellington and back.

I did it! With my date in tow we sped off into the night to catch a U2 display at the Carter Observatory. I even drove to Cuba and we had a drink and a bite to eat while the uniboppers waltzed down the street enjoying their hump day. I feared for my life a few times on the motorway but we made it out in one piece and I only got lost for the briefest of moments.

These are things I’m making headway on:

Go overseas by myself.
I’m an independent person. Well, at least that’s what I like to think. I’ve been overseas twice and I travelled with a group each time. Next year I am going it alone. Melbourne is far from a far flung African nation, but it’s a start! So that’s something to get me out of my comfort zone, and hopefully help me make a better effort when it comes to meeting new people.

Tickets are booked. Accommodation booked. I’m well on my way. Nervous and excited, and I can’t wait for PAX Australia. Now to pay for that insurance…

Get my full driver’s licence.
A progression from this year after getting my Restricted. I’ve done the Defensive Driving course and I need to wait until the end of February until I can take the next step. According to my instructor I need to practice identifying hazards and say what I’m doing to prevent accidents (for the test), as well as smoother gear changes, using my mirrors more often, and slowing down on corners.

Time is up and I can book my test. Well, actually I did try already but my left eye failed the optical test eEven with contact lenses) and so I went through the motions of having my optometrist retest me and sign a form. Now I’m literally waiting for a free spot in my schedule where I can pop in and book my test. Bloody VTNZ is only open from 9am to 4pm!

Run from Upper Hutt to Silverstream.
I’ve been getting into running over the last few months with a buddy, and although I said I was against goals, for this one I wanted something tactile to work towards. It’s about 6.2km so not entirely out of the range of possibility. That doesn’t it mean we can slack off though.

So I’ve been keeping up the running (well, mostly). I took part in the 5k Warrior Dash challenge and barely survived. Mind you there were hazardous obstacles and the sun was at melting point, but I digress. I’m going to keep going with the Zombie app and progress onto the more intermediate app when I’m done with it. Runs at six in the morning in pitch black aren’t always easy and with Winter time approaching I’m going to need more than a kick up the bottom to run outside in just my shorts and a tee.

Edit my novel.
So procrastination strikes again. I finally write a bloody novel and it sits untouched with its pants around its ankles waiting to be cleaned up. This may involve setting a daily routine, or perhaps even a 50k edit in a month challenge? I need something to get my ass motivated.

I was re-reading my novel for a bit and making chapter outlines and notes, but then I started a new 50k novel. So I took another break and then life happened and that novel remained under 10k in. But I’m back into re-reading and I will be entering the editing stages shortly. Now that Writer’s Plot is back this year I feel more motivated to get into it. As it would happen we have a peer editing assignment right at this moment I have still to finish!

These are things I still want to try:

Find a buddy and learn Spanish.
I’ve actually begun this already (even after my failed Spanish course at uni), but learning another language is a proper commitment and one I need to dedicate more time to.

Practise Yoga.
I’m still not sure if it’s for me, but I do need something to limber up and recover from all my time sitting at my desk chair.

Learn a self defence martial art. Hapkido?
It’s not often you will need self defence, but it does pay to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. And I really do have zero combat skills, apart from my flurry of slaps and my quick dash.

Actually go ‘clubbing’.
24 and still sitting at home on a Saturday night. I know I’ll probably hate it. The crowds, the smells, the sore feet, the awkward social situations. But I can’t let anything go unchecked. You only have one life after all.

Host events/parties/catch-ups.
Although it might seem like I’m an introverted loner I really do love hanging out with friends and I enjoy group activities. So it’s ‘bout time I take charge and set up some of my own for a change, and not just the once-a-year birthday party.

Initiate contact with friends and family.
I’m usually the one that waits, the one that hates to take initiative. I know this, and I need to do better. I need to make more phone calls, see how people are doing, and arrange catch-ups. It’s unfair for me to put all the work on everyone else.

Learn guitar.
It might be tricky learning another language as well as an instrument, but it’s on the list anyway. I started this a few years back, and I really do hate how I give up so easily. So it’s time to jump back on the old strings, hammer a few chords, and play a few U2 songs.

Practise public speaking.
What do they say about facing up to your fears? I’m not sure either, but it does seem like the right thing to do. Plus, it can only help reduce my shyness in the long run. And I would really like to be able to stand up in front of a group and say more than a few clumsy strung-together words.

Record and upload my own podcast.
I attempted something this year; a podcast about stories in all forms of media. But it was horrid. Until I feel comfortable in front of a microphone (and can reduce my um’s and ah’s and sniffs), I won’t release anything publicly but it is my aim!

Read more books.
I have a Kindle. I have a library card. I have spare time. There is no excuse. I am a writer and to improve my craft I need to read more books. It’s frankly quite embarrassing the number of books I read this year (I can count them on one or two hands). I need to put away the TV and the videogames *gasp* and get into the medium I love so much, but never spare a second for.

Get rid of excess crap.
So last year I had a goal to scan in my old school stuff and other mementos. And I started, but quickly gave up as I saw the mountain that lay before me. I managed to sell off a bunch of DVDs and games and other things which has helped, but there’s still a long way to go. The hardest thing is going to be my U2 collection…

So I knew my weak subjects at school and they’re still weak today. I want to change that. With resources like Khan Academy there’s no excuse. I want to learn geography, well, mostly countries and major cities and where they’re located on the world map. I want to learn maths so I can do basic equations, fractions, and percentages in my head.

Mini goals.
These are small things that I can do anytime. I just need the motivation!

– Visit SPCA Wellington.

– HUHA Upper Hutt.

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